Leadership Coaching Services offered by FPF Coaching

A well developed and executed employee professional development plan with a strong and committed leader is the key to creating a high performance team. I would like to help you get there. While I can certainly customize a leadership coaching program to fit your specific situation, here are a few of my most popular training and development programs:

“Break to Educate” Workshops – These 1-2 hour sessions are commonly known as Lunch & Learns, though they can be scheduled for any time of the day! The workshops are best delivered to your company as a whole to ensure all members of your team, from management to front-line employees, are empowered to consistently deliver on your company’s mission. Workshops include:

~ Communication Connections – listening, acknowledging, validating and empowering questions
~ The 7 Levels of Leadership – How are you showing up?
~ Embracing Change and Transition
~ Resolving Conflict
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Six Point Strategic Plan – A 2 to 3 day, on- or off-site session that takes your team through an efficient, six point planning process that includes developing a company elevator pitch, fine-tuning your mission statement and values proposition, developing an ideal image, creating goals and assigning roles and responsibilities.

Goal Development – Based upon the high-level goals identified during the Six Point Strategic Planning session, this full, one-day Goal Development session is designed to dig deeper into the details of each identified goal and to document the steps, timing, ownership and schedule for best progress planning and measurement of results.

Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) – This one-of-a-kind assessment developed by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. Not to be confused with personality assessments that label you into working within that label, the E.L.I. measures your level of energy based on your perception and perspective of your world. As a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, I have helped numerous leaders to shift their perspective, increase their energy, and ultimately improve their leadership effectiveness.

Your results from the E.L.I. form the initial launching point for the Energy Leadership Development System, helping to give you a baseline for your current performance and situation. The E.L.I. is the only professional leadership assessment of its kind that has a complete, clear, customized coaching program associated with it.

Energy Leadership Development System (ELDS) – This intensive and highly effective leadership development course is tailored to you and your company’s specific goals and objectives. The program can range from 14 weeks to 9 months of up to twelve professional development segments. It first offers a baseline for current level of awareness, performance, and effectiveness and then I take you through the creation and implementation of a personalized professional development roadmap that quickly progresses you towards becoming an ideal leader. The ELDS is also ideally suited for your staff, providing team strengthening sessions that are reinforced with common language and practical application of leadership behaviors that will ultimately set your organization up for long-term, optimum results.

One-on-One Coaching – In person and/or over-the-phone coaching to identify and develop skills, strengths, resources, abilities, and strategies to overcome challenges and maximize performance. This is ideal for owners, executive managers or any employee showing growth potential.

Are you ready to develop leaders in your company?

I would love to learn more about you, your employees and your organization to identify ways that I can help coach and develop your team into the next step of your company’s success.