Coaching leaders in your organization

According to a 2009 survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review of 140 business coaches, 48% stated that the number one reason businesses engage their services is to, “develop higher potentials or facilitate transition.”
For many companies this translates to executive coaching and mentoring for their top-level management team. And while this has obvious benefits, successful companies see the power in investing in the professional and career development of ALL of their employees, especially those showing potential for leadership as the company evolves and grows.

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”
- Sam Walton

Is your company creating successful leaders? Ask yourself . . .
“Do I demonstrate good leadership?”
“Do our employees have the potential and opportunity to lead?”
“How do I unleash the talent and passion of our employees?”
People engage and perform at their best when their values, personal interests, vision, and purpose align with the work they are asked to do. Successful leaders understand that incorporating a clear value system into their corporate vision provides opportunities for employees that encourages contribution, fuels decision making, and increases productivity.

Investing in leadership and professional development coaching will:
Increase employee productivity by upwards of 250% (Scales, 2012 study)
Empower employees to increase their capabilities, creativity and collaboration to drive company growth – Companies with excellent cultural support for coaching have 13% stronger business results (Bersin, 2011)
Create clear and open communication across all departments
Build and sustain optimally performing, solutions-oriented teams
Decrease turnover – Retention is 25% higher for employees who have engaged in company-sponsored mentoring/coaching (Deloitte Research Brief, 2012)
Make your job significantly more enjoyable as a peer and a leader

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Fern helped us by creating a simple methodology to follow to help all of our changes be communicated clearly, along with flexible and easy plans and processes that fit any scope. Now our leaders are enthusiastic and clearly see the value in having a customized process. They are more confident in their ability to respond quickly to change, and there is less resistance and more buy-in. 

~Trevor Schall, Director of Compliance