Case Studies

I am proud to feature the following case studies from very satisfied clients. I would love to add you to this list. 

FPF Coaching TestimonialsWhen Fern and I teamed up, our company was small, with a limited business focus and client base but with a vibrant vision for the future.  Fern understood that our success and growth depended on creative thinking as well as instituting methodologies and repeatable processes that could serve differing opportunities without major strategic changes.  Fern and I worked together to develop strategies and tactics for managing this change, as well as the projects and transitions that would follow.  Our efforts helped management gain confidence, make faster decisions and contain costs while at the same time helping us to support staff at the highest levels. 

With Fern’s capable guidance, we moved our entire operation to a new location in a different state while maintaining the dedication and productivity of our workforce. Most importantly, Fern helped us employ open and honest communication resulting in true teamwork. She made sure that everyone felt like part of the change.  

Fern’s knowledge comes from years of hands-on experience. Her effectiveness comes from her broad background. She understands business as well as people.  Before I started working with Fern, I knew just how challenging change could be without preparation. Together, Fern and I found a far better way to put change into action.

If your organization is searching for the best approach to change and transition management and leadership development, I highly recommend Fern.

~Thomas J. Puchmelter, Senior Vice President, Retired



FPF Coaching TestimonialsPrior to working with Fern, there was little process or precedent for how to communicate or manage change and transition.  Both management and employees struggled to understand why a decision was made, how the change would be implemented and what the vision of the end state would be.

Dynamic change is a constant at our company, because we have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy being on the leading edge. Fern helped us by creating a simple methodology for us to follow to help all of our changes be communicated clearly, along with flexible and easy plans and processes that fit any scope. Now our leaders are enthusiastic and clearly see the value in having a customized process. They are more confident in their ability to respond quickly to change, and there is less resistance and more buy-in! 

I would recommend Fern to any organization looking for help with business change and transition. 

~Trevor Schall, Director of Compliance




I had the pleasure of working with Fern for 11 years and it is with great confidence that I recommend her to you as a leadership coach.  Fern played a key role in helping me grow as a leader when I undertook my first leadership role 11 years ago.  Fern not only innately understands how to lead processes and people, how to teach the concepts of leadership and how to coach leaders, but most importantly, is an example of great leadership.  I learned many of my foundational skills from her leadership classes.  As I grew in leadership I continued to learn from her example and my association with her.  The most important growth came as she began to coach me, helping me find my own answers and solutions.  My early success came because of her attention and efforts.  I am grateful she pointed me in the right direction as it became a strong foundation from which I have enjoyed a positive and successful leadership career.

- Tracy Frakes


I've known Fern professionally for nearly a decade, and can say from personal experience that she is all about Leadership Development. She was well-known for her reputation of being able to turn a problem department around quickly. Her strategy was deceptively simple. Using a variety of methods to invest in the growth of those reporting to her, she was able to tap into their potential and to motivate them in ways that were contagious. As these leaders began to challenge their own assumptions, envision a bigger picture, and make farther-reaching connections, their confidence in their growing abilities translated into positive changes that helped our company to prosper.



I gained new insights as a leader, real tools as a professional, and a deeper understanding of organizational work from a workshop Fern led for our non-profit Board of Directors. She is professional, knowledgeable, approachable and supportive. Fern has so much experience and wisdom to offer those who care about successful leadership. 

- Rabbi LHM


I found myself in a new life and financial circumstance. I was totally unprepared for this life-changing situation and felt overwhelmed and incompetent to handle the new tasks for which I was responsible. I asked Fern if her coaching might help me get a handle on things, and she assented to help me by putting the coaching principles in practice.  As a result of our sessions, I was able to:

~ List my new responsibilities
~ Prioritize my new tasks
~ Understand and conquer my anxieties
~ Acknowledge my true desires
~ See the roadblocks I had created for myself and differentiate them from those inherent in the situation
~ Learn new strategies for interacting with persons involved in my life
~ Clear the way for a new and exciting phase of my life



Fern Perusse-Filzen is an inspirational leader and a leader who always took the time to develop and mentor members of her management team or individual employees who reported to her. Over my 40 years in the insurance industry I worked with many executives, managers, supervisors and team-leaders. I can without reservation state that Fern Perusse-Filzen was the best executive I ever observed. She lead by example and helped make each employee a better employee and person.



Anyone that has had the opportunity to work with Fern has reaped the benefits of her vast knowledge and leadership development -- which I have witnessed add measureable results to the organization. She always strives to achieve the results she establishes in a very systematic and professional manner. She has the unique ability to grasp data, general info and formulate processes, procedures and solid recommendations for opportunities that will take organizations and people beyond even their expectations.