Mastering Organizational Change – 10 Tips to Thrive

The truth is, companies are in constant change. Change comes from many sources, acquisitions, new management, new technologies and innovations, regulatory and compliance mandates and of course, growth. How companies react to and even prepare for change is what creates the truly successful stories.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional”
- John C. Maxwell

I would like to help you lead your organization to success and prosperity by mastering organizational change and transition.

Imagine . . .

Having a clear vision and strategy to integrate change smoothly and effectively
Easily working within your budget and containing costs
Enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction through successful change
Experiencing excitement, engagement, and contributions from all employees, at all levels

I work with my clients in transition to . . .

Proactively prepare for change and transition so you are ready and able to move forward
Strengthen management teams through effective leadership coaching so they feel confident in implementing change
Create professional development plans for employees to empower and motivate them to successfully progress with the change
Create actionable plans using tools, resources and training and development activities, to capitalize on the opportunity
Close the leadership gap so employee performance is maximized at all levels
Sustain the change so the company enjoys optimum results for the long-term

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The fact that you are on this site tells me that you are a progressive leader who understands that though change is inevitable you can proactively choose to take your team through change with very successful and positive results. All it takes is a commitment to the process and a willingness to align with the right business leadership coach. I would like to be that coach for you.
Let’s start our newfound relationship with a gift. I’ve written the action guide, “10 Tips for Thriving with Organizational Change and Transition” and it’s free to you! It’s my way of thanking you for being committed to proactively leading your team through transition and change. 
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Client Spotlight

FPF Coaching Testimonials

Body Archer – Robert Wald, CEO

The Challenge: This early stage company was experiencing serious challenges following a partnership breakup.

Our Solution: In a one-hour telephone call, Fern supplied me with a wealth of information about how to proceed most effectively in the face of this corporate change. This included providing insight and resources on how to best go about searching for a new partner. This was followed up with a step-by-step organizational plan for moving forward, which helped Body Archer to get back on track and to focus on the future.

Fantastic Results: Body Archer has now been in business for a few years and has successfully transitioned from a startup to the next stage in the business cycle of becoming an established and growing company.  Mr. Wald states, “For growing pains, management issues and all the rest, Fern is an incredibly valuable resource, and she has made it her mission to be excellent.”