Helping you thrive during growth and change
Is your company growing faster than you and your employees can keep up? Growth is good – in fact, growth is fantastic! However, ensuring your clients have the same great experience each time they engage your services is key to quality company growth.

Maybe you’re not facing growth as much as change. Is your organization in a state of transition? A growing customer base, business acquisitions, technological innovations, leadership/management reorganizations, and regulatory/compliance initiatives are all prime examples of change that can impact your staff and their ability to effectively deliver your products and services to your customers.

The question is, How will you and your employees thrive during company growth and change?

As a business change, transition and leadership coach, I am committed to helping staff at all levels, from the front line to the executive suite, prosper through growth and change. I do this by creating processes that effectively strengthen your employees, giving them – and you – the tools you need to succeed.


A bit about me . . .

For a combined 35 years I have built a career in management, often overseeing cross-departmental teams, and am now a certified professional coach for leadership and organizational change. Clients tell me that they appreciate my sincere interest in not just their company success but in coaching employees, at all levels, to grow and evolve into that success.

I am dedicated to growth, change, and transition management for companies large to small. With my years of hands-on experience, working in many industries, I am able to coach you and your team through a smooth and successful transition, whether you’re a veterinary or other medical practice looking to grow your business, a larger regional company going through a regulatory change or management shift, or even a small non-profit in need of leadership training for your Board and staff.

My goals are simple – to help owners, management teams, and front line employees navigate company change effectively and efficiently so that all levels of staff adapt quickly and successfully.

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Client Spotlight

FPF Coaching Client Spotlight

Ohana Pet Hospital – Dr. Janis Shinkawa

The Challenge: This veterinary practice opened in December 2012 and quickly tripled in size, growing from 10 employees to 48 in just three years.

Our Solution: After speaking with Fern, the owners and staff quickly determined there was lack of effective communication between staff and clients, and a resistance by employees to actively resolve situations. With management’s active support, we took some of the staff through the Energy Leadership Index and customized the Energy Leadership Development System to include 12 segmented trainings over nine months.  A subsequent program engaged the entire staff in introductory workshops for the leadership concepts.

Fantastic Results: As the practice completes its fourth year in business, the veterinarian owners report that the training helped staff members develop a more universal language for communicating and understanding fellow teammates’ views. Staff members also became more able to identify their own feelings, limit their assumptions going into interactions with clients and other staff members, and develop more awareness thereby helping to diffuse potentially difficult situations.

Fern Filzen Headshot Business Transition Coach
Fern Perusse-Filzen